A not for profit language School


We try to keep the fun in learning, and have had end of year fiestas to celebrate what our students have learned with music, dancing, and of course, food!


Our school is active in the community, and we try to make it to as many festivals as we can - look for us!

Small classes

Our class sizes are small, allowing teachers to focus on each student as an individual, and our teachers are all native Spanish speakers.

Flexible hours

We offer evening weekday classes for adults, and weekend classes for adults and children - and we are always exploring new ways of making learning accessible to our students!

Programs of Study

Study plans are designed using the knowledge and experience of the teachers involved, as well as other educators from the Americas. Four Criteria are used on which to base the plans of study:

  1. Use of proven educational theories
  2. Taking individual differences into account
  3. Flexibility in the use of demonstrated learning techniques
  4. Emphasis is placed on practicing the language orally

We feel that it is vital to include practical applications of Spanish in the context of the Hispanic communities in Calgary. We would like our students to be able to express themselves in Spanish and to practice while taking part in activities that will expand their understanding of a diversity of Hispanic cultures.

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